De Iuliis Macchine SpA aware of the influence that its actions can have on the entire community, is committed to pursuing with determination the principle of sustainability of its business in order to contain risks, ensure a coherent and environmentally friendly development and of all interested parties. It has always promoted protection and respect for the environment, proper and responsible use of resources and sustainable waste disposal. This is equivalent to a process and product responsibility: we are concerned not only with the ecological impact of production cycles, but also with the compatibility with the environmental needs of the entire product life cycle, from design to recovery. or disposal.

To contribute concretely to the preservation of the ecosystem, the company puts daily in place a series of actions:
  • use of recyclable construction products. Our products are made of 100% recyclable steel
  • use of plants and machinery that reduce and rationalize the consumption of raw materials and energy
  • use of alternative energy sources: photovoltaic system
  • waste management according to the applicable legislation
  • compliance with environmental authorizations.

These are the tools we use to demonstrate our responsibility for the environment that takes place every day.